Thursday Golden Daze Kinda Day 🔥

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week! First wanted to give an update on my sugar giving up challenge. Given that I have become a vegetarian a year & a half ago, I was advised not to drop sugar so radically. I have decided to continue adding it in my coffee, but I am giving up all desserts, sweets, candies, & sugary drinks (alcoholic & non alcoholic…no cocktails for me 😢)

My first day was tough, I even had headaches. I hope today is better given that I can add sugar to my coffee 👅♡

Anyway back to the outfits! Today I needed this dress as I struggle with how bloated I have been feeling post sugary indulgence (if you do not see it, is because I am hiding it with clothes & yes we are all self-conscious I guess)

Here is the look mwaaa 💋

IMG_8561IMG_1058IMG_2830IMG_2351IMG_2443 2IMG_3114IMG_7800IMG_0868

4th Of July Weekend Looks Option 1

Hi everyone!! It has been a long time since I have posted! Life has been hectic for a bit but I am back to it! Since we are beginning July and it is the 4th weekend! Here are some looks I will be sharing this next few days for your 4th of July weekend look!💥

Here is the first one hope you enjoy & happy to be back mwaa 💋

©Pipe Yanguas Photography-002

IMG_1442IMG_1540IMG_2671IMG_8781.jpg©Pipe Yanguas Photography-003IMG_2760IMG_3121IMG_3722IMG_4010 2©Pipe Yanguas Photography-001