Yoga LovingΒ β™‘

Happy humpday! Today’s post is about my advancement in Yoga. Though there are no crazy backgrounds no special bends I am very proud of these pictures! I have just started doing yoga this year. I have always had back problems and doing yoga was very difficult as I could not reach any of the poses as I was super tight. I always thought that it was due to my body structure; therefore I never reached any yoga pose nor stretches. I never gave it a try as I was not able to handle a basic pose. Instructors would always be a little bit judgmental, my pilates instructor in FL (not the one in NY I love him and miss him dearly!) would always talk to me as if my body had problems, since I had been training for quite some time and I would not improve.

Thanks to Rolfing I am now able to be myself and have been able to practice yoga and improve in Pilates (I have left my previous instructor and I am now with a super good new one). I surprise myself with what I can accomplish. It is only the beginning but I feel really good! Do not let people tell you you cannot do it or if there is something wrong with you! Never feel discourage and always believe in yourself! And if you suffer from what I do I highly recommend you giving Rolfing a try! It has literally transformed my life! It is a type of massage but focusing on putting your muscles back in their place. As we grow old and stress appears in our lives our muscles get tight and Rolfing brings them back to where they are supposed to! I can attest at the benefits it has bring to my life. It turns out I could not reach those poses in Yoga nor improve in Pilates because my muscles were not where they were supposed to be.

Here are the pics!

Happy Wednesday!! mwaa πŸ’‹

IMG_8772IMG_8186IMG_6270IMG_5351 3IMG_9545

Sugar No More 😱😒…for 40 days though πŸ‘…πŸ˜œ

Hi everyone!! hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!! So after this awesome holiday I overindulged, well I have been overindulging for the past couple of weeks & after yesterday’s sugar overdose I decided to take this challenge for myself. I am giving up sugar for 40 days.
If you know me you know that sugar is my life. I cannot go a day without adding it in my coffee or having a dessert. Well today I am challenging myself. I am saying byebye to sugar, at least for 40 days. I do not know how long I will last. My goal is to be away from it for 40 days.
You may ask why 40 days? Well I have recently finish a meditation challenge of 40 days. I was able to do it, in fact it improved my life & I miss it. I am waiting for my next 40 day meditation challenge, and with that in mind I decided to challenge myself physically by giving up my guilty indulgence and to show myself that I can live without it.
So here is my challenge, I will be keeping you updated with my progress on my Instagram stories & here!
Anyway let’s see how it goes! πŸ€žπŸ™

PS: Two last pictures taken from google.

LP Adventure πŸ—»

Happy Friday everyone! πŸ™‚ as I am journeying back to the US I had to make a stop at La Paz, it is a beautiful city at 3,700 mt high from sea level. 

As they took me to new places I went to this new restaurant that is vegan! To be honest it has been one of the greatest culinary experiences I have had. 

The ambience was priceless, the decoration made you feel at home, and the food took you into a journey where you could appreciate the love and passion of the chef & owner as well as his employees.

Below are the images of that priceless precious feast

Outfit details 

Jeans: Rag & Bone 

T-shirt: citizensofhumanity 

Leather jacket: lær

Boots: Alexander Wang NY 

Sunglasses: Gentle Monster