OMG! I cannot believe I was able to make this Strawberry Dulce de Leche Tart. It has been my goal since I tried it for the first time a while back! I always felt afraid to tackle it! Well the wait is over and the work paid off! Not going to lie, it was hard! I made mistakes, and had to develop a recipe of my own because the one I found was a mega FAIL! Here is my recipe! Hope you all enjoy 🙂 👩‍🍳 🍓


70 gr butter

80 gr powdered sugar

1 egg replacement 

150gr AP Flour


1 package of strawberries 

1 can dulce de leche 


Soften the butter w the powdered sugar, add the vanilla and egg. Add the flour and do not knead too much. Cover it w film and place it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Mold it and bake it at 350 w baking balls. 

Add butter, cream and strawberries 


For any chocolate lovers, this cake is a must! It is some work but is totally worth the trouble!

For the fluffiest, the key is in your sifting. 😉

Hope you all enjoy



3 cups AP Flour

1 cup of cocoa

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

200 gr butter

1 1/3 cup sugar

3 Tablespoons ultra light olive oil

3 Tablespoons water

3 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup oil

1 cup water

1/2 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract


1 can condensed milk

1 can dulce deleche

Chocolate bath:

1 milk chocolate bar

1/2 dark chocolate bar

1 can condensed milk





Turn on your oven to 350 F. Inside a container add your 3 tsp of baking powder with 3 tablespoons of ultra light olive oil and 3 tablespoons of water, set aside. Start softening your butter on a stand mixer on high until creamed. In the mean time start sifting your flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. You have to repeat this process for 6 times, this is key. Once done set aside. Add the sugar to your creamed butter, mix well. Add the vanilla extract. Mix for 2 more minutes. Add your baking powder, olive oil, and water mixture. Mix well and add the oil. Let it mix for a moment.

Inside a container place your water and milk. Now you can reduce the speed to low and start adding your dry sifted ingredients slowly, alternating with your water-milk mixture. You can stop once every ingredient has been added.

Butter a baking pan, add parchment paper and pour your mixture, I use two molds. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until ready.


For your filling you can purchase dulce de leche or make your own. I prefer to make mine. I place 3 condensed milk cans on a large pot. Remove the label and fill water to the top, bring to a boil and cook it for 3 hours. Keep adding water every 20 minutes. Once time has passed, throw water and set aside. Do not open yet because the cans are very hot, and you can burn yourself. I try to make my dulce de leche the day before I will bake my cake. I also fill my cake the day after I bake it, but this is up to you.

If you chose to make your cake in one mold cut it in half, I prefer to use two molds. Set your bottom part on the plate you will serve, I use a deep dish plate because the chocolate top I make is very liquid, there will be some overflow.

Open your condensed milk and add some water (1/4 cup) mix well with a spoon and pour in the middle of your cake.Let it absorb. Add your dulce de leche and cover.

Chocolate Bath:

I do this directly on the pot, but some people choose to do it as a water bath, your choice. Melt your butter 1/2 tablespoon. Add your chocolate, melt and add some of your milk and your condense milk. Mix well until every component has melted. Pour it on your cake and is ready to serve.


It has been quite a while since my last post. I am happy to be back into this “blogging” world, even under the current world circumstances. This is what I have been up to this past few months while quarantining: working, reading, baking & enjoying my family!

Hope everyone is safe & sound!

Stay healthy & do not forget to wear a mask!

Valentines day: love yourself 

To all my singles or coupled people out there just wanted to wish a lovely valentines day. May it be filled with love & joy! And to all also always keep in mind to love yourself and take care of you! That is very important because if we do not love ourselves how can we expect someone else to love us? 

It is a very important question. 

One thing that has helped me a lot to love myself has been meditation, exercise, and letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. 

Currently in my headspace app I am at the stage where I can pick the packages I want to focus on. I am currently on level 2 of the self esteem one. I can attest that it has been very helpful. I do not know if you can relate but sometimes I have an inner voice that wakes up some doubt in me. This package has helped me to let go of the voice, not quiet it nor leave it behind, but rather to identify it as just a thought or a feeling and move on. Not trying to understand why is there or what does it mean rather just identify it as either a feeling or a thought and continue on! Which has been key! So to all of you out there I highly recommend taking the time and starting on meditation. 

Another aspect to improve your self esteem is the acceptance of who you are. Respect of who you are. And valorization of who you are. With that in mind you will always value yourself and let go of things that do not appreciate you or respect you! Therefore letting go of anything that does not bring you peace or leaves you drained or doubtful of your worth or who you are! 

Working out has also helped me a lot! Just the release of any tension or conflict you may be going through can be let go by a good work out! I love doing yoga, pilates, & weight lifting. I miss my cardio ( I used to run a lot but always ended up with back & knee pain so it no longer served a purpose) instead I am trying to walk more to get that cardio take but with those 3 I swear if I am grumpy in the morning, which I tend to be, post work out I have a clear mind and I’m more at peace plus less grumpy! Follow it with 10 minutes of meditation and a wonderful shower and you are off to a good start! 
So on this day not only love others but most importantly love YOU, as that love will flourish to others! 

Anyway my rant is up! Hope you have a wonderful V-Day! 💋💜💋💜

Bunny love 🐰 ❤️

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My biggest love! 💋❤️🐶
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Make This Year Your Year

Here we are in 2017 and finally I have decided to take on challenges I have wanted to take on for many years. One of those is to finally start a blog. I want this space to portray areas of my life; posting things that scare me, fascinate me, or I love. The purpose is to share my experiences as I want to make this year my year :)!

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