Floral Mood

Happy Saturday!! Last night I wore something completely out of my comfort zone: a floral dress! It was my favorite. Though it was colorful & floral it was part of my style & I loved it! I could not get too many pics as we were running late but I will wear it once again for sure & share some better images! But I needed to post about it so here it is!



Dinner Look

Happy Friday to all! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!! I know I am! For today’s look I am sharing last night’s dinner look with some friends! I hope you guys like it! I am crazy for those shoes! They are super comfortable and give me a height boost that I love :p




Ready For Summer

Hi everybody!! In preparation for summer, I have been excited to try on new clothing! Today’s look is my inspiration for a summer day! Though down here it is almost feeling like summer, here is an inspiration for anyone out there!

Anyway here is the look!


IMG_4017IMG_4019IMG_4011IMG_4023 2IMG_4025 2IMG_4027IMG_4039IMG_4037IMG_3970